Loosen loosen baby,
you don’t have to carry
the weight of the world
in your muscles and bones,
let go, let go, let go…

(Song Credit: Aly Halpert) 

And, we begin, months before we arrive on site, we begin. The stories are unfolding, the energies churning, to uncover and discover the healing purpose that will reveal in our time together. The participants say yes, the space is cleared, the facilitators respond, buses and cars, planes and plans, food and prepping. It begins way before it begins, and likely began long before we will ever know.  

The voyage of Soul Driven Change, our labor day healing intensive, was a profound, precious, and delicate dive into the unconscious facets of our lives.  I (Gabrielli) am in awe, mesmerized, humbled by all who shared their inner worlds with us, in real time and space, in a room, in a house, on the same land, and in the same kitchen. We hugged, held, sat, watched, felt, saw each other in comfort, and in pain. 

In and out of the structured containers, conversations burst with historical perspectives of racism and the harm it causes and how that merges with intergenerational traumas in our own families, in our personal stories, and seats our firsthand experiences of trauma, racism, sexism, and ableism. We heard stories of a family from the Dominican Republic growing up with the indoctrination of Haiti as “the other”, and we unpacked our terror and experiences of being “othered”, demonized, rejected, and alone. 

We spoke of “unbroken lines” of ancient cultural teachings and the teachers we do or don’t know who have unbroken connections to their lineage of healing – Hopi elders, African Christian Pastors, and Tibetan teachers. Some of us spoke of our own “broken lines” as white people in the USA and how that has made us crave or seek out cultural experiences that are unbroken, and yet has left us vulnerable to cultural appropriation and co-opting Black, Indigenous, and/or Brown people’s spirituality, practices, and culture. We defined and redefined what this means and the white people in our circle who call themselves Shamanic Healers unpacked if this is true, and how, and if not, what and who do they become? 

With intense presence and essence driven processes, we lensed for the unbroken connection to Divine love, and sweetness, and oneness, and we felt it. We drank it in, sang to it, ate with it, meditated on it, and made space for this powerful essence to organically awaken the healing needs, allowing us to stay present as our peers wailed, shaked, and shared the hidden secrets of their pain. We stayed, we listened, we shared, we loved deeply.  

We are disabled, sensitive, neurodivergent, Dominican, European, black, white, Christian, Jewish, Pagan, queer, hetero. In 3 days together, we became one Being, one essence, one Soul driven purpose. We are people on earth, seeking and releasing, being and recoiling, struggling and thriving.  

Even if we never see each other again, which I know we will, this circle will be infused in our spiritual, mental, and emotional psyche as what is possible when the unbroken connection of Divine Love and essence is restored.

I am in deep gratitude to all who participated, and to the ancestors, the elders, the Divine guidance, the land, and the animals and spirits who circled us. 

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Humbled and in awe,

Gabrielli (and Chloë)

P.S. Check out the beautiful song “Loosen, Loosen” by Aly Halpert’s on SoundCloud! She’s working on a new album that we are so excited for. Thanks Aly for this amazing song that has inspired so much healing over the years.

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