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Gabrielli LaChiara, she/her/hers pronouns, is a white, cisgender woman of Italian descent, age 54 at present time, 2020. She holds her private practice and healing center in Amherst, MA, on the indigenous land of the Umpanchla, Quonquont, and Chickwalopp people.


Chloë Faith Urban (she/her/hers) is a white, cisgender woman of British, Irish, French, German and Scandinavian descent, age 33 at present time, 2020.  She lives and holds her private practice in Portland, Maine, on the indigenous land of the Abenaki people and Wabanaki Confederacy.

In 2001, Gabrielli faced her own personal challenges with a diagnosis of breast cancer. This further fueled her desire to ignite healing on any and every level possible. Her commitment to unpack this intense and powerful interface of body, being, soul, and spirit became even more profound.

Gabrielli established a full time private practice in healing in 2003. In 2004, she began the Infinity Healing Training Program with Lori Friedman and has been training reiki healers, energy workers, pranic healers, healers of other modalities, and anyone who is called to apply their intuitive healing gifts for healing humanity. 

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Gabrielli comes to the healing arts with 2 decades of clinical social work, a strong human service base, and 10 years of service as the co-founder of MotherWoman, Inc.

Gabrielli was taught and blessed in the Garden River First Nation teachings of O’pwagain medicine in Native Shamanic Journeying in 2001. In 2003, Gabrielli was divinated in Hamni Esoteric Buddhism by Buddhist teacher, Master Yu. Gabrielli’s work also includes the works of Dr. Carl Ferrari, Neural Organization Technique, and Dr. George Goodheart, Applied Kinesiology. Her work is a blend of neural science, sacred healing arts, energy medicine, compassion teachings and awareness building.

Gabrielli brings great joy and possibility to Earth as a facilitator of healing and is inspired by the teachings and guidance of the ascended Goddess of compassion, Kwan Yin. As both a teacher and soulful intuitive, Gabrielli is devoted to helping her clients cultivate inner strength, increase consciousness, and develop tools and resources for personal growth and success. Through presentations, consultations, and private sessions, Gabrielli’s unique ability to facilitate healing and transformation on many levels has brought life changing results to individuals, families, and schools.

As a certified Infinity Practitioner and Lead Trainer, Chloë has had a private healing practice since 2014, and 3,800 people, worldwide, have attended her online healing courses through DailyOM and her own website.

Chloe has been immersed in healing spaces her entire life. Raised by a Mother who is a shamanic practitioner, rituals, ceremonies, and healing were an ongoing part of the  environment she grew up in. Through her growth and wisdom she has learned, and is consistently learning, to differentiate those practices that were culturally appropriated and those that were infused with grace, respect, and essence.  Her upbringing stirred in her a deep inner wisdom, and ability to journey and glean messages from the invisible realms of spirit, and instilled in her an honoring of ceremony and sacredness in all of life. These experiences have had a profound impact on the healer she is today.

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At age 20, she became extremely and unexplainably ill, which led her to a deep and challenging search for personal healing. She spent the next 7 years seeking healing all over the U.S.A., and South East Asia, seeing a diverse variety of doctors and healers, and reading countless books about diet, nutrition, health, and healing. In 2008, she attended a 3-month Reiki training and certification program, which sparked her interest in becoming a healer.


In 2018, she hosted an online global event called “You Are the Cure – A Spiritual Journey to Release Your Pain, Heal Your Trauma, and Embody Your Essence”, where she interviewed over 20 experts in the field of trauma, healing, chronic pain and illness, depression, anxiety, and addiction. She had the fortune of speaking with guests such as Dr. Peter Levine (creator of Somatic Experiencing®), Dr. Thema Bryant Davis (Author of Thriving in the Wake of Trauma) , Dr. Richard Shcwartz (Creator of Internal Family Systems Therapy), Dr. Sue Morter (Author of The Energy Codes), among others.

In 2005, Chloë attended art school at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY, and transferred a year and a half later to The Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts in Philadelphia, PA, where she got her degree in printmaking. With her artistic skills and love of all things creative, she started her own successful graphic and web design business in 2010, where she specializes in creating and designing high quality custom websites and imagery for conscious entrepreneurs and creatives. She continues to do this work with a select clientele each year. 

Chloë is also a sought after Ecstatic Dance DJ, has taught dance classes and workshops that merge movement and healing since 2014, and has trained in many different forms of conscious dance and creative arts.

Chloë is profoundly honored to have the opportunity to foster and awaken healing on the planet, through her work with individuals and groups, and through her deep connection with Kwan Yin, Goddess of love and compassion. Chloë also teaches Infinity Healing and leads powerful healing intensives and retreats with her dear friend, Gabrielli LaChiara, creator and founder of the Infinity Healing Practice.

Coming Together

In 2001, as a single parent of a 5 year old, Gabrielli faced death head-on with a breast cancer diagnosis. She quickly learned that healing is not always what you think or want it to be. This life changing diagnosis taught her to be humble, and to recognize the power of healing that comes from releasing agendas and control patterns that sometimes include living with what isn’t necessarily changeable. Her love of her son and life fueled her desire to ignite healing on any and every level possible, to seek contentment and acceptance of reality, and to find spirit and happiness in the unknown. Her commitment to unpack the intense and powerful interface of Body, Being, Soul, and Spirit became even more profound, and is what spurred a deepening in her practice as a counselor and teacher, and birthed the Infinity Healing Practice.

Chloe discovered Gabrielli and the Infinity Healing Practice after years of being in active trauma and chronically ill. Her experience was so profound that after her initial training year in 2013, she started her private practice and immediately began offering support to Gabrielli in the facilitation of trainings and retreats. In 2018, Chloe stepped in as co-leader for the first ever 8 day Infinity Healing Practice Intensive. In 2020, Gabrielli and Chloe merged their missions. In this partnership, they use the Infinity Healing Practice as their foundation and in their commitment to inspire and help others, dismantle oppression internal and external, and to facilitate profound healing on Earth. 

About Infinity Healing Practice

The Infinity Healing Practice is not only a modality that one can use to help others heal, but it’s a toolbox that anyone can use for living a more conscious life.

Created by Gabrielli in 2004, the Infinity Healing Practice is a modality that aims to ignite the natural ability to heal and harnesses inner wisdom through utilizing a collection of transformational practices, teachings, and tools that bring more awareness, perspective, and possibilities to one’s life.

The Infinity Healing Practice modality is based in profound intuition, neural science, energy medicine, and a rich and complex pursuit to follow the organic nature of healing. This practice aims to ignite wholeness in its journey to restore one’s natural ability to heal on every level. This modality uses methods that calm and re-pattern the survival brain, re-establish healthy nervous system functioning, engage inner knowing, and help to clarify, refine, and discern the use of empathic abilities.  

Gabrielli and Chloe live this practice. This modality supports them in their daily lives, keeping their own bodies, minds, and spirits healthy, and serves as an anchor and foundation in their offerings.









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