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We’re humbled and honored that you’ve arrived here and are contemplating sharing your healing journey with us. Every moment of healing we share with others is a sacred and powerful gift.  

We offer an array of services and supportive containers for healing and training including one on one sessions, group classes, retreats, intensives, and more. If you’d like to plan or create your own event, we are happy to work with you on developing it to meet your specific needs and intentions.

About Our Offerings

Our offerings are experiential and emergent, based in the Infinity Healing Practice, and constantly evolving to meet the ever changing needs of participants and the world at large. Every offering is it’s own creative, intuitively guided experience.

We bring our love of healing, our playful spirits, and our deep devotion into every offering we create. Our ability to meet trauma and pain head on is not only informed by many years of training, but also comes from our own personal experiences of some really hard stuff. We know that healing is no joke! It can be messy, uncomfortable, and even terrifying at times, and it can also be joyful, inspiring, and creative. We are fascinated by these complexities and embrace moments of confusion and discomfort as opportunities to build awareness and ignite healing.

Our Unique Approach

For all in person Workshops, Retreats, and Intensives… 

Gabrielli and Chloe are unusual in their willingness to recognize that healing is happening through all the moments of the experience, not just during a structured exercise or group process. They are approachable and available for support throughout your journey. 

In the intention to bring consciousness to every moment, Gabrielli and Chloe attend to all aspects of your experience including food and food prep, cleaning, potential allergens in the environment or food, how sleeping spaces are arranged, and more. They find joy in bringing the most pristine care to the entire journey. 

Any of our in person offerings could have hands on healing practices that accompany experiential exercises, mindfulness techniques, and self awareness tools. We prioritize safety and self determination over goals and outcomes for healing, and will not touch you without your full consent. Check out our Values page for more information on self determination and our other integrity values. 

**Due to Covid19 our in person group intensives and retreats have been put on hold until further notice. 

What to Expect

We can’t have the session without you, and don’t want to! Your participation in the journey is what makes this possible. We don’t “session” you, we session “with you”.

Deep Listening 
We practice deep listening. We have tools and resources for listening to you and your body, as we glean for the wisdom and knowledge of your body’s communication.

Emergent Curriculum
Our sessions are based on an emergent curriculum. The session flow is guided by intuition and practices that engage the inner wisdom of the client’s or group’s energy. We breathe space into the session flow as a way of staying present to emotions, energies, thoughts, or needs that arise in the moment.

On occasion, information and insights flood in through us during sessions. These are designed and offered to you as energies and awareness that can inspire your own perspectives and “aha” moments.  We are not attached to being right. Our hope is to help you cultivate your own inner wisdom through the journey together.

Healing and awakening isn’t always methodical or perfect. Sessions could get awkward for a moment as we wait, pause, and allow for new energies to arise. This is often a great sign that healing is happening!

Our practice includes all aspects of Embodiment: physical, mental, spiritual, emotional, energetic, and genetic.

Our Offerings


Either a series of classes or a one time event designed as an in-depth exploration into a particular topic or teaching.

One on One Sessions

Both Gabrielli and Chloe offer one on one sessions, in person, on zoom or by phone. (*Currently we aren’t offering in person sessions due to Covid19).

Private Intensives

A private intensive is a facilitated healing journey that is uniquely designed for your specific needs. Your experience includes facilitation along with room and board. Intensives can range from 3 days to 3 weeks.  *These are available during Covid19 pandemic with strict safety guidelines in place, including testing and quarantine.     >>>


Intensives are multi day experiences designed to catalyze healing on every level in a very personalized and powerful, individual and group process. This is a deep-dive healing journey, with teachers that live, play, eat, and create with you in real-time, the whole time. 


Retreats are designed in beautiful places in the world so that participants’ vacations can be wrapped in health, vitality, and healing in a shared, group container. Participants will experience the nourishment, excitement, and bounty of the chosen destination while deepening their journey in the structure and container of consciousness and healing. 


Channeling, to us, is the most sacred art form. We feel the channel the way one might sense or feel the muse as a singer or artist. We have a kindred connection to Kwan Yin, Buddhist Goddess of Compassion. We offer group or individual channelings.


Facilitation, support, and healing circles for important moments including weddings, births, deaths, coming of age circles, etc.


We are profoundly committed to showing up without judgement and strive to create the most supportive spaces possible so that participants can be held in their process and vulnerability. We continue to be amazed and inspired by what arises when we gather people together who bring an intention to heal, a curious heart, and the courage to examine the many facets and experiences life may bring.

Have Questions? 

If you’ve read through this page and/or site and you’re still not sure if we are a good match for your healing, please reach out, we are happy to speak with you more.

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