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Aug 3rd – 17th, 2022


Reflect | Restore | Reset

with G & C

FREE Support & Self Care for Challenging Times – Virtual on Zoom

Resilience benefits from the time and space to stop, pause, and recover. Even a moment to pause or take a long extended exhale can be helpful. Join us, once a week for three weeks, as we offer a space and time to decompress with visualizations, breathing techniques, sharing, and tools designed to hack the nervous system and provide pathways for calming and restoration.

Aug 24th – Sept 7th, 2022


Emotional Detox

Shock & Fear

3-Class Series, Virtual on Zoom

What does it take to acknowledge that fear is there? How can we work with shock and fear in a way that they don’t derail or control our lives? We know it’s possible to break free from these immobilizing emotions and harness the potency in their energy for inner wisdom and action!

Oct 7th – 14th, 2022


Soul Adventure Italy

Destination Healing Retreat!

Tuscany, Italy

This retreat is designed to wrap your beautiful Italy vacation in health, vitality, and healing in a supportive, communal group setting. Participants will experience the nourishment and care, all while deepening their journey in the structure and container of consciousness and healing. Beauty, adventure, community, and consciousness all in one!

Oct 19th – Nov 2nd, 2022


Emotional Detox

Anger & Resentment

3-Class Series, Virtual on Zoom

Did you know that anger can be the gateway to inner knowing? With healthy discernment, anger can lead to clear boundaries and awareness that promote growth. This series allows us to dive deep into practices and tools that can help us break free from toxic emotional patterns, and discover the wisdom that often hides underneath.

Nov 2022 – June 2023

Infinity Healing Practice

Training Program Level 1 – 2022-23

East Coast, USA and Virtual on Zoom

We train individuals from a myriad of backgrounds that enter our programs with a variety of different goals– from individuals who attend for their own health, vitality, and healing to those who are working toward certification or who intend to integrate the practice into their current practices as healers, body workers, counselors, therapists, teachers, etc. We hope you will join us for this mystical yet practical journey of healing and awakening together!

Dec 16th – 18th, 2022


Breaking Free

3-Day Healing Intensive

Harpswell, Maine, U.S.A.

This 3-day intensive journey is a deep dive into CHANGE. Circle with us to shake up mental and emotional habits and beliefs that are no longer serving you. Our intensives are designed to catalyze healing on every level in a very personalized and powerful, individual and group process. This experience is designed to reorganize consciousness and help you sift and sort the many facets of what makes you, YOU!


We strive to host inclusive, accessible events. If you have a disability or specific access needs in order to fully participate in this activity, please contact Rob at register@infinitypractice.com or 310-570-7123. Closed captioning will be available on all Zoom events.

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